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Drill & Excel On the Piano Complete

Melody Music Publishers is proud to announce a new title in our piano method book series. The former “Drill It and Kill It” book now has a new title called “Drill & Excel On the Piano-Read Music Like a Pro!”. We’re excited about the name change to enhance a more positive approach. Another change is the original 200 page book is now divided into books 1 & 2. So we now offer 3 books: “Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 1”, “Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 2”, and “Drill & Excel On the Piano Complete”.

Drills & Repetition

Learning to play the piano and read music takes hours of drills and repetition, which is not always given in the traditional method book. The “Drill & Excel On the Piano” piano method book series offers the student a comprehensive way of learning with plenty of repetition to fully master each skill. And it’s fun and easy to follow too!

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Complete”

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Complete” is a 5 chapter 200 page piano method book for the early to late beginning student. It begins with keyboard geography, technique, and practice tips. The rhythm drills include the quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes/rests. The note reading written assignments include notes for the C, G, and D hand positions for treble and bass clef. The 3 scales given are C, G, and D (one scale per chapter). There are exercises and special exercises for each chapter that gradually progress in difficulty. There are 100 original songs (20 songs per chapter) written to teach what is given in that chapter. Since the songs are original, the student has to read the notes and cannot depend on how the song sounds. This creates a fluent reader! It also includes assignment pages, note pages, a practice record and point chart, and Christmas songs arranged for each chapter. This is an all-in-one book, so there’s no need to have 3 or 4 books for each student.

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 1”

Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 1

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 1” with a new title is a 120 page, 3 chapter piano method book for the early beginning student with no previous experience. It has everything in the complete book up to the first 3 chapters. The scale and songs are in the C hand position. It includes all the rhythm drills and note reading assignments for the C hand position, exercises, and special exercises. Chapter 1 is treble clef only, chapter 2, bass clef only, and chapter 3 playing both hands in the C hand position (left hand playing C-G an octave below middle C). The student can skip to the end of each chapter to play the test song when ready, making it self paced.

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 2”

Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 2

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Book 2” is a 145 page book in 3 chapters for the late beginning student. This is great for the student who has some experience but needs the basics. Chapter 1 is a recap of book 1 for the C hand position (playing hands together), C scale, exercises, and special exercises. Chapter 2 is in the G hand position with all the rhythm, note reading assignments, exercises, and special exercises, and chapter 3 is in the D hand position. There are 20 songs per chapter (60 songs total). The 3rd chapter in the D hand position introduces notes outside the 5 note hand position, so the student learns how to stretch and cross over fingers incrementally.

“Drill & Excel On the Piano Books 3 & 4” are coming soon!

We’re excited about our new books, “Drill & Excel On the Piano Books 3 & 4”! Book 3 is a 3 chapter, 145 page book for the early intermediate student. It recaps books 1 & 2 and includes the A and F hand positions, scales, rhythm, exercises and 60 original songs (no longer in hand positions). Rhythm includes the sixteenth note/rest and triplets. Book 4 is a 3 chapter, 160 page book for the late intermediate student. Chapter 1 recaps books 1, 2, and 3, and includes the keys and scales in B flat and E flat. Rhythm now includes odd meters and 2 against 3/3 against 4. Also what’s new in both books 3 & 4 is music theory and lots of it. It includes intervals, altered intervals, triads, and chords.


I wrote my line of piano method books based on my over 30 years of teaching experience because I was not happy with the method books. Since most piano method books move too quickly without a lot of information, thus causing frustration, I began writing my own books. My hope is to offer books that help students learn each step thoroughly before moving to the next level. Drills and repetition are the only way to master the skill of sight reading and playing the piano! I hope you like the new title for our piano method book series.

I enjoy feedback on my books and blogs, so please feel free to add your comment below or call us at 800-Melody 1 (800-635-6391). Thank you for doing the greatest job, sharing music to others!

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