Find a music teacher near you

How to find a music or singing instructor near you

Want to find a music teacher near you? Melody Music Studios has a fantastic staff of instructors nationwide that offer music and voice lessons either in the student’s home or their private studio. Instructors are hired based on their training, personality, teaching styles, and reliability. Contact us today to find a music teacher near you!

We offer a one business day grace period after the first lesson to cancel for any reason. If you’re not happy with the lesson (with a valid reason), the lessons is FREE!

It’s easy to sign up on line and receive a $10 discount off the first month. For questions please call or text us at 800-Melody 1 (800-635-6391) or email . Registration can also be done by phone. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to find a music teacher near you.

Owner, Kathi Kerr, started teaching in 1985 and formed Melody Music Studios from an overflow of her own piano students in 1989. She has continued teaching through the years while hiring piano instructors. Then in 2001, Ms Kerr began hiring music instructors across the country for all instruments and voice. She hires music teachers based on her own experience and knows what it takes to be a great teacher! Music instructors submit an application, resume, recordings, and references. Ms Kerr interviews each teacher herself where she finds out their personalty, teaching philosophy, and styles they offer. And finally, she checks their references and conducts a full background check.

Every music teacher Ms Kerr hires has her stamp of approval, so the student can rest assured they’re receiving a professional music and vocal instructor that will help the student learn and grow while enjoying the musical journey.

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