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Learn to sight-read music notes easily with this 34-page book, Note Reading Workbook Download with repetitive written assignments.  No acronyms such as “Every Good Boy Does Fine” is not taught.  The logic of the staff is taught with multiple written assignments to read fluently.

Note Reading Workbook 1  Download is a 34-page book for the beginning student to learn the treble and bass clefs notes using repeat written assignments.  This can be used for any instrument that reads treble and/or bass clef.  Ever wish you didn’t have to take the time to count the notes on the staff to identify them?  With this book, you can!  This book does not teach the “Every Good Boy Does Fine” system, but instead, Note Reading Workbook 1 Download shows the grand staff and the logic of the notes.  Then taking 4-5 notes at a time to start, it offers multiple written assignments to create a visual recognition of each note.  This book can be easily downloaded and has 3 levels with 10 pages in each level:  treble clef, bass clef, and a review of both clefs.  No more frustration or the need to count for reading notes on the staff.  When reading music is easy, it’s fun!  By the end of the book, a student is reading music notes like reading a book!

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a great book for teaching flute note reading!

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