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The “Rhythm Workbook 1 Download” is rhythm only without notation.  Students play one note and count the beat numbers. This 20-page book is written in two chapters:  chapter one reads one line, and chapter 2 reads two simultaneously.  It includes the quarter note/rest, half note/rest, dotted half note, whole note/rest, dotted quarter note, eighth note/rest, and the tie.


In “Rhythm Workbook 1 Download,”  you will read, play, and count the rhythm without notation.  Rhythm is probably the most difficult part of music to learn and often the most neglected part of lessons.  Identifying the note name is pretty straight forward, where rhythm is “time.”   This rhythm workbook concentrates on the rhythm to understand and read fluently.  It has 2 chapters and includes the quarter note/rest, dotted quarter note, half note/rest, dotted half note, whole note/rest, eighth note/rest, and the tie.  Steady beats and counting the beat numbers are stressed.  Chapter one has a single line of rhythm, and chapter two has two lines for the student to read simultaneously.  This book can be used for all instrumentalists and vocalists, along with piano students.  In chapter two, non-piano students can play one line while the instructor plays the second line.  This teaches how to keep your musical part if playing with other musicians playing different rhythms.  Recommended ages 8-adult.

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