Piano Songs Beginner Treble Clef Part 1


Need additional songs for a beginning piano student?  Piano songs treble clef in the C hand position part 1 has 5 original songs.  This gives a beginning student more songs to practice the right-hand for notes and rhythm.  This could also be used as a sight-reading drill in a lesson.   Immediate download is available.

Need additional piano songs for a beginner student?  Here is part 1 out of 4 parts with 5 piano songs each in treble clef middle C position.  This gives a student more practice and repetition for the C hand position notes, C-D-E-F-G.  These songs can be downloaded for only $3.50 for immediate access.  The rhythm includes quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes and rests.  There are accompaniment tracks for the student to play along with on the website.   Playing along with the audio helps the student keep a steady beat and teaches him or her to continue reading without pausing to create fluency in reading.  To sight-read requires immediate visual recognition of each note.  Each part gets a little more challenging than the last part.  




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