Chords & Improvisation on the Piano Book 1

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Pages 100

Are you a vocalist that would like to accompany yourself or someone else on the piano?  Would you like to play the keyboard in a band?  Chords & Improvisation on the Piano Book 1 is great for a beginner wanting to learn to improvise on chords.  No previous knowledge of the piano is needed.  This 100-page book starts with keyboard geography, then teaches scales and key signatures with many written and playing assignments for repetition.  This helps the student to have a deeper understanding of the key signature, which is the foundation of learning chords.  Then triads are introduced, showing the logic of them by the scale.  There are many written assignments for identifying the triads, then playing them with a simple rhythm pattern.  Then in the next level, inversions are introduced with written and playing assignments.  It ends with playing chord progressions playing the closest inversions, using rhythm patterns for improvisation.  Other books may offer chords, but this book teaches the information and includes drills and assignments for playing and improvising on the chord progressions in a step by step process.  And finally, the student will learn how to add chords to songs and write their own chord progressions and improv patterns.  Buy your copy of Chords & Improvisation on the Piano Book 1 to start playing chords today.

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1 review for Chords & Improvisation on the Piano Book 1

  1. Rachel

    This was the perfect book for learning how to accompany yourself on the piano. So useful for singers! Also great for starting to write your own music.

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